Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Starmode with Ion/Electron Beams!

Currently, the fusor is broken, due to a broken bell jar. But, prior to it breaking, I got a great starmode out of the fusor! I found that scaling the inner grid down allows for this to occur. Pictures are below. :) The fusor will be fixed soon with a metal chamber.


  1. Exactly what do you plan on doing with this reactor once completed? Since you plan on getting some Deuterium to use as a reactant, I'm assuming this will be used to produce power. As well, how are you going to contain it adequately once completed? Even a reaction that small has the chance of a good-sized plasma containment breach.

  2. These types of fusion reactors are very inefficient, and almost no usable power can be harvested from one at the moment, although I and others are working hard to change that. You can learn more about them at I am sorry, but I do not know what you mean by "plasma containment breach," But what I can tell you is that when I run deuterium in the system, the only visible difference will be in the color of the plasma, the non visible differences will be a VERY small, easily shielded fast neutron flux, and the production of a small amount of Helium-3 in the chamber. And I plan on using this reactor for my personal research, as well as a science fair project.

    Also, there is no risk of an explosion due to the pressures these reactors run at, which ranges from about 20 millitorr to about .001 millitorr. Even if you converted all the fuel in the chamber to energy, the resulting explosion would have only the power of about 1/2 a firecracker.

    I hope I adequately answered your question.

  3. Beautiful photos my friend. It's good to see someone at your age with an interest and in depth knowledge of such an abstruse subject. Good luck to you....what planet did you say you were originally from again?

  4. Glad someone is working on this problem ... see if you can get federal funding from the DOE now that it is not run by a bunch of oil thugs...
    Keep up the good work - and best of luck to ya!