Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How the Fusion Reactor Works

I have received many questions about how exactly my reactor operates so here is a post explaining it. I may make a video for those who more easily grasp concepts when images are provided.

The concept of fusor operation is much simpler in theory than  in execution. Basically, I pump the bell jar down to a high vacuum, charge the inner electrode (outer one is grounded) to a high negative DC potential.

Field emmition from the grid causes the gas inside (air for non fusion, deuterium (2H) for fusion) the gas ions, as they are positively charged, are accelerated towards the negatively charged inner grid. They carry enough inertia to continue past the grid wires and collide in the center.

The remixing of ions and electrons creates the plasma discharge.

Monday, February 22, 2010

No more Fusor for a little while/What's coming up.

Sorry, but there won't be many fusor posts for the next week or two due to some minute electronics issues. However, my CDV-700 geiger counter is on it's way, and I plan to do a review on it.

Here is a recent pic of the plasma star.

Star Mode-Achieved!

Finally, with a new grid based off of interlocking washers, I have achieved "star mode" from my fusor. This occurs when plasma jets, electron, and ion beams emanate from the plasma at many points inside the inner grid.

The ground fault protection on my neon sign transformer fires rapidly (I desperately need a new NST) when operating in this mode, rendering it hard to get a good picture of this. My best efforts are shown below.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Inner Grids!

Here are some new inner grids I made:

Heres a nice spiral torus shaped grid

And, because of valentine's day, why not a heart shaped grid.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fusion Reactor's First Light!

After about 1000 hours of work and research, halon fire extinguisher in hand, donning my lead jacket...I flipped the variac's power switch, turned its knob, turned the ground fault protection off, and frankly, much to my surprise, a brilliant glow of blue plasma appeared. Yup, it works. The next step after this is to move on to fusion by upping the input voltage and building a deuterium injection system. To find out more about how this type of reactor works go here:

Heres a picture of the fusor's control panel

Here are the oil filled cylinder's containing the circuit this picture they aren't completely hooked up.

Here are more pictures of the plasma: